User Docs


3-1-1 | Borrow
After you've deposited your collateral asset, scroll down your Home page to see all available assets under "Assets to Borrow", find your desired asset and click on "Borrow".
3-1-2 | Borrow
Type in the amount you would like to borrow or click on "MAX" to borrow the entire amount available to you which strongly depends on your collateralized asset balance and Loan-to-Value (LTV) as well as the pool size. Your Health Factor post transaction is calculated and displayed under "Transaction Overview", make sure it's above 2 to avoid liquidation. Your gas fee is also calculated and displayed. If you'd like to proceed, check the box to accept transaction risks and click on "Borrow".
3-1-3 | Borrow
After you've confirmed your transaction on your wallet and received the transaction status notification, you can add the token to your wallet if it isn't already imported to your wallet assets and find the borrowed asset in your wallet. As demonstrated in 3-1-3, you can see the asset you borrowed, in the amount you borrowed under "Your Borrows" on your Home page. Every other related statistic such as Net APY and Health Factor will change accordingly.